Our mission

We invest in companies at the forefront of service orientation and product differentiation

Working for a better tomorrow

Our goal is sustainable, long-term value creation. Our basic assumption is that every investment begins with the people behind the company – true potential requires a dedicated and talented management team.

We primarily act as a strategic corporate venture focusing on startups investments, with the added ability to offer a partnership with Berginvest. We are also on the lookout for game-changing innovative solutions to new technology that will make the tech industry smarter, safer and greener, and more user-friendly.

Berginvest as an partner can provide your company with valuable access to an international network of experts, business units and customers, as well as extensive risk and regulatory functions, and a strong balance sheet, among other things.

Please contact us if you have a digital transformation business proposal. Especially if you believe it may assist Berginvest in delivering world-class tech services and advice products that support our corporate and institutional clients and our private customers.

We operate as an evergreen fund, which gives us the flexibility and staying power to focus on long-term value creation based on what is best for the company and its owners.

Stenbackevägen 6 702 25 Örebro